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Surjaram Reang

Model Cum Brand Ambassador- Celebs Tea Co.

Selim Hill Green

Organic whole leaf green tea from Selim Hill, Darjeeling. A true healthy drink from Darjeeling with a great aftertaste and numerous health benefits.


- Helps in Weight Loss

- Reduces Cholesterol

Herbal Calming Tea

A perfect evening/bedtime tea that is made with Bay leaves, Fennel, Lemon peels, Mary Gold, and Chamomile to soothe your nerves and fight stress.


- Improves Digestion

- Rich in Antioxidant

- Increase Immunity

- Help Ease Your Mind

Chamomile Rose Moringa

CamRoMo, a health-potion, created by blending Chamomile (to eradicate stress), Rose (for delectable effect), and Moringa (the miracle tree for several health benefits) is a true gift of nature to mankind. A tasty and 'all natural' alternative to most chemical-based medicines.


- Helps in calming nerves

- Improve Digestion

- Helpful for your hair and skin health

- Helps in fighting bacterial diseases

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