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Raghuvir Mahadik

Model Cum Brand Ambassador- Celebs Tea Co.


The warm and soothing flavors of fennel is mixed with the sourness of lemon thereby keeping you calm and balanced throughout the day. Fennel helps shortness of the breath, makes people lean that are too fat by open obstruction of the liver. It is also useful headache and gives good mouth freshener.


- Improves Digestion

- Aids in Cough, Cold & Fever

- Lowers cancer risk

- Helps in Heart Problems

- Helps in Liver Diseases


A refreshing and cooling infusion, which contains the exotic goodness of saffron and cardamom, helps one to stay cool and relaxed throughout the day. Saffron is beneficial in the treatment of several digestive disorders, it strengthens the functioning of the stomach and promotes its action. The herb is useful in promoting and regulating menstrual periods.


- Boost Immunity

- Body Detox

- Mental Health Improve

- Help in Weight Loose

Doke Black Fusion

The best Indian black tea that has a combination of sweet and malty roast notes with caramel flavour aftertaste is a heart winner for most of the tea drinkers! Having a brewing time of 3 minutes, this tea fills the air with its aroma of caramel and a spicy texture that is beyond words to explain!


- Aids in Digestion

- Helps in Weight Loss

- Reduces Cholesterol

- Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

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