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“Modelpreneurs” – It Pays to be Pretty

We`re building the nation’s largest inclusive community of Modelpreneurs- Celebs Tea Co.

In this era, it is clear Models are not only pretty or no longer just the figures in front of the camera, but also smart and the leaders of the business world.

“If you look at the top models, they probably make 10% to 15% of their money from the catwalk — the rest is made from endorsements and brands,”

“It used to be retired models who created their brands. Now a lot of newer models are thinking about it from the very start — you don’t need to be in the business for 10 years to build a name for yourself anymore.”

Enter a new era of a supermodel-turned-super mogul, where models start carving brand names for themselves from the moment they hit the fashion runway.

The rise of social media in helping young models build a global following. Using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they can reach out to the public more easily than ever before and push their brand.

"We’re in the era of the entrepreneur. Whether you’re an actor or a model, it’s best for your earnings potential that you leverage your fame to do other things,”

Celebs Tea Co., have started a new-generation online marketplace offering a wide range of exotic teas sourced directly from famous tea estates.

The brand has designed a beautiful concept which promotes fashion models by featuring them as the brand’s cover models.

This unique concept aims to empower people who love fashion all over the globe.

The idea is to create face value as well as long-term monetary benefits for fashion models, especially for those who think a step ahead and convert their passion into a business.

The fashion models license the brand to feature them as cover models and collect a percentage of sales revenue on the tea boxes.

The company features the model’s name and images on every tea box it sells, and in exchange, the Model pockets a percentage of the sale revenue.

The brand has several Corporate Partners all around the globe, featuring celebs’ fashion models in their showcase and promoting the products in the B2B Space.

Fashion models can also work as a Community Partner with Celebs Tea Co., where they create an online community of referral sponsors (People interested in Startup, Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurship etc.)

We will have a tool that helps them make a Sponsorship Prospects List.

After the initial interaction, the models would connect the referral sponsors to the PR Manager deployed by the brand.

However, some models can manage or start up their venture, they usually bootstrap the self-sponsored showcase for themselves and exhibit it in collaboration with the Gym, Salon, Spa, Boutique, Pharmacy Cum Super Stores, Gift Stores etc.


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